Kill your pity party and just do work.

Source: Kill your pity party and just do work.


Broken Hearts and Teaching

There’s something to be said about teachers being the best actors and actresses in the world.  We deserve Oscars, honestly.

Because even when our lives are falling apart at home, we must come to work and be the most entertaining person in the world.

We must educate.  We must keep going.

A fake smile plastered on.

Book in hand, even though we want to cry behind it.  There’s too much to feel.

But we are not humans during the day.  We are teachers.

It.  Hurts.

How can we be expected to keep going when everything else is just a mess?

But we do.  We can’t handle everything, but good grief, we try.

And we keep trying.  No matter what.

Life will move forward.  Always.