God still loves the one who broke your heart


Broken Hearts and Teaching

There’s something to be said about teachers being the best actors and actresses in the world.  We deserve Oscars, honestly.

Because even when our lives are falling apart at home, we must come to work and be the most entertaining person in the world.

We must educate.  We must keep going.

A fake smile plastered on.

Book in hand, even though we want to cry behind it.  There’s too much to feel.

But we are not humans during the day.  We are teachers.

It.  Hurts.

How can we be expected to keep going when everything else is just a mess?

But we do.  We can’t handle everything, but good grief, we try.

And we keep trying.  No matter what.

Life will move forward.  Always.

13 Teachers Reveal Their Most Ridiculous Parent-Teacher Conference Experiences

“Do you really expect Cam to finish all that homework? He has football practice every night! I don’t think you teachers understand that students have lives outside of school.”

Source: 13 Teachers Reveal Their Most Ridiculous Parent-Teacher Conference Experiences

multimedia: “rigged game”

There are no words to how true this is


In this 2013 video, a high school student by the name of Dylan Garity exposes current education culture in a slam poetry piece made for SlamMN, a Minneapolis,Minnesota based slam poetry competition. With this poem he made it to the national poetry slam in Boston,MA. Dylan expresses his contempt about education being a rigged system, where only the ones handed a rule book in their own tongue are expected to succeed, teachers have their hands tied behind their backs, and school board leaders tell children it is THEIR fault if they cannot find a way out of the education rut this country is in.

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Students Making Their Statements


Liz Layton - Author

With an overly tested K-12 student population and testing season in full swing, many students across the United States are turning their perceptions about these testing requirements into amazing videos. Many federal and state education programs are leaving students to feel as though their creativity, intuition, perseverance, and dedication are not important assets within their education skill set.

Student Views

Students in a media class at Washington Middle School in Albuquerque, New Mexico produced their own video to show how they truly feel about state testing scores.

Getting Past the Low Scores

Adults that were once considered below average by their state mandated tests scores are speaking out against the limitations and lasting negative affects of these tests. Kumary Sathy created a video about his personal story of overcoming a 40% state standard rating.

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New Teachers

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Really it’s because the school year is in full swing and so far, I have been brutally attacked by the monstrous flu, a couple bouts of bronchitis, and tired. Oh, how tired I have been.

But. Here’s the realization that I’m be had lately. New teachers. Coming in with these fantastic ideals and grand expectations. Visions of children sitting perfectly at their desks eager to work and learn.

I had that vision.

Oh oh how desperately wrong I was. It’s like you need to take everything you learned in college and throw it all away. Teaching is something you just have to experience. You can never predict how the day is going to go or how the student is going to react. It’s a game of Battleship with mines hidden around every corner.

New teachers. Here’s to you. May your dreams not be too shattered after your first week.

Football Season is Here

Oh how this video makes me miss Tallahassee.

I miss the excitement that comes with the school year beginning and the football season starting.  

I miss the explosion of people during game days.  

I miss everyone wearing garnet and gold.

I miss the War Chant.

I miss Osceola and Renegade.

I miss the sometimes silly traditions that we have in the stadium.

I miss the Marching Chiefs.

I miss the student section being alive and full of energy.

I miss jumping up and down when the defense was on the field.

I miss the Fight Song.


Wandering in Love



I’ll admit it.  I’m a self-proclaimed Pinterest-holic.  In my spare time, I spend a lot of time on there.  I have the normal boards that every girl does: wedding, home, beauty, dream closets, etc.  But lately, there is one I am spending a lot of time on.  The travel section of Pinterest is full of beautiful photos of faraway places that have become my dreams.  I remember when I was little, sitting and reading my books like a good, little nerd, there was a sense of wonder at these places.  I wanted to be the lost princess in Russia, the young girl attending the magical school that is Hogwarts, a hobbit in the Shire.  These became my life and love.


What wonderful and dangerous worlds these were.  They were filled with magical creatures, amazing architecture, and love that transcends all things.  Love.  The most beautiful word when you are a hopeless romantic.  

So now I sit here, in my twenty’s, and how badly I want those two things I read about and dreamed about: love and travel.  

Honestly, they go hand in hand.  In books, there are the “real” books where love happens in unlikely places, but isn’t it more amazing to find that characters fall in love at places like Pemberly, Hogwarts, the arena in the Hunger Games (although that one is a little wowzers)?  When Mr. Darcy comes to propose to Elizabeth (again), he’s walking across the beautiful countryside of England (think movie if you have to here).  His language, the setting, it’s like a dream.  As I was reading this at the grand old age of 12, I remember thinking, England is where I need to go to fall in love!

As a 24 year old teacher who lives with her cats, I can honestly say, that yes, I want to travel and fall in love.  And until those things happen, I will continue to read and obsess over pictures on Pinterest.  After all, isn’t dreaming part of the fun?


Loving…and Living Life


I think there is a stigma that life can only end up a certain way for most of us.  The typical fashion for people my age (especially women) is go to college, find the man of your dreams, marry him right after graduation, start your career, and have babies.  The end.  No flourish or surprises. 

Then there are people like me.  I did everything by the book.  I didn’t date in high school so I wouldn’t be distracted from my main goal: go to a big university.  Of course I had the guys I crushed on and pretty much loved as a teenager, but I knew I would find the man in college.

I went to college with all these ideas about getting my Mrs. Degree and living a fairy tale like in all those books and movies you watch.  Around my sophomore year, I pretty much figured it out that it wouldn’t end up that way.  At all.

Senior year rolls around and my friends start getting the proposals.  Every day it seemed I got a phone call or a text from someone who had just been asked to spend the rest of their lives with other 21 and 22 year old people.  The rings were pretty and we all giggled and laughed about what the wedding would look like.  Exactly how a ring should look like for a broke college guy.  That summer ended up being 8 weddings in two countries.  What?!

Now here I am.  Two years after graduation with no ring.  No boyfriend, even.  Now if you took the outside influence out of the equation, I would love where I am in life.  Frankly, I do kind of love it.  I enjoy being a teacher and my life really just revolving around them.  Some days I get lonely, and wish I had someone to come home to other than my cats, but most days I am perfectly fine.  But the weddings haven’t stopped.  Now there are pregnancies to go with the weddings.  I’m sitting over here in my teacher clothes that still feel like they aren’t really me and they’re wearing maternity clothes? 

When did life start moving so fast?

As a society and as a church, there seems to be a disconnect on where people like me should stand.  We don’t fall in the college category anymore, and quite honestly, I can’t keep up with college students really either.  I’m just too darn tired all the time.  And we don’t fall in that place of “young married’s” as those Southern Baptist churches call it.  So where do our awkward puzzle pieces fit?  Why is there barely anything to be done for people like me?  I realize we are few and far between, but we do exist.  By golly, I exist. 

I’ve been told to go to the singles ministry a lot by older people in the church.  Excuse me, I’m in my early 20’s.  The singles ministry does not have anyone remotely close to my age in it, thank you very much.  Plus, I don’t want to go just to be paired off with someone that everyone thinks is “adorable for me”. 

To put it simply, people need to stop saying that we need to this or that to be noticed.  God is going to put someone in your life that will notice you for who you are.  We don’t need to be labeled as career driven or singles.  We are all equal in God’s eyes. 

Paul advocated for singleness in the Bible.  He himself was single.  Fancy that.  We have great advantages to being single.  Love and marriage and dating are beautiful things, and I know that some day I will fall into those labels and love it.  But I refuse to waste my single-life always just waiting for Mr. Right.  I’m not career driven, but I am driven to enjoying my own company and learn who I am as a person.  I can stand on my own two feet.  Paying bills is hard, eating alone is hard, but there are worse things to do in life than that. 

So here’s to the people like me.  Loving and living a life worth enjoying.