New Teachers

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Really it’s because the school year is in full swing and so far, I have been brutally attacked by the monstrous flu, a couple bouts of bronchitis, and tired. Oh, how tired I have been.

But. Here’s the realization that I’m be had lately. New teachers. Coming in with these fantastic ideals and grand expectations. Visions of children sitting perfectly at their desks eager to work and learn.

I had that vision.

Oh oh how desperately wrong I was. It’s like you need to take everything you learned in college and throw it all away. Teaching is something you just have to experience. You can never predict how the day is going to go or how the student is going to react. It’s a game of Battleship with mines hidden around every corner.

New teachers. Here’s to you. May your dreams not be too shattered after your first week.