Football Season is Here

Oh how this video makes me miss Tallahassee.

I miss the excitement that comes with the school year beginning and the football season starting.  

I miss the explosion of people during game days.  

I miss everyone wearing garnet and gold.

I miss the War Chant.

I miss Osceola and Renegade.

I miss the sometimes silly traditions that we have in the stadium.

I miss the Marching Chiefs.

I miss the student section being alive and full of energy.

I miss jumping up and down when the defense was on the field.

I miss the Fight Song.



Life is Precious


In the past two weeks, I know two people who have committed suicide.


That is two too many.

My heart breaks for the families.  To lose someone in that way is heartbreaking and terrible.

That’s why this year, as a teacher to teenagers, I am going to be discussing at length World Suicide Prevention Day.  Suicide may be a personal choice, but as teachers, parents, siblings, friends, we can fight like hell to help those that we love.  We may not always succeed, but we can try.  

I struggled with depression for a long time, and still carry the ramifications of that with me.  There are times when I have to be careful not to separate myself from everyone because I know that if I close off the world, I am putting myself in danger of falling into that hole again.  I am fortunate enough to have friends and a family who have helped me through that time, and also incredibly blessed that my depression was not as deep as some can be.

I teach teenagers and I can tell you that as a teacher, it would be very hard to have a student commit suicide.  We need to be honest with our students and let them know that they can talk to us.  We need to educate ourselves and our students on signs, programs, and ways to help in this particular area.  

Pay attention people.  Open your eyes to the people around you and give them a smile; you never know who might need that smile.